Veterinary & Pharmaceutical Agents

Veterinary & Pharmaceutical Agents

High Quality Zinc minerals:

High Quality Magnesium Oxide & Magnesium Carbonate:

High Quality Calcium Carbonate (Limestone):

Veterinary & Pharmaceutical Trading


QEA has a competent, established and well recognised commodity trading team that covers many areas of animal and human health from minerals to active micro ingredients, medications and chemotherapeutics. The team has specialists in key areas, but at the same time offers technical and market information on a diverse array of products.


The Company’s expertise in the animal nutrition industry means it offers a full range of products from micro ingredients, minerals, medications and chemotherapeutics to all parts of Australia.


In line with the Company’s policy of maintaining competitive pricing for our clients we source products directly from overseas manufacturers, all the while quality being our most important mindset. The Company has developed an excellent network of suppliers of key ingredients from Oceania, Asia and Europe.

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